Pretty shite tbh.

Yet another false start.

I’m in a wheelchair taxi from Oxford to London, feeling totally bereft.

The positive is  that I did find happiness and I therefore know it’s possible. I’ll miss Ashley and what she gave me, very much. I did think it was the Real Thing, as all my mates will testify. She is a great lady.

She was The One, i thought.

My trip to England having been completely f’d up, I now pick up the pieces again and get back to Portugal. My flight is on Tuesday from Bristol, which isn’t exactly convenient now, as it’s a bit of a trip.

Any volunteers to drive my wheelchair car there, with me in the back???

I think ill be in portugal until mid july and can’t see a reason now for coming back again before, though that may alter i guess.

My 5th year anniversary of my injury is June 14th, and I write that with a shudder of dark thoughts. I do have to stay positive, but feel myself slipping now.

This time yesterday I was as happy as I could be.

What a difference a day makes.

One thought on “Pretty shite tbh.

  1. I’m tempted to come over to Bristol to see you, mate. Just so you know there’s still a lot of support out there for you. x

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