I came back to Britain, for a skin cancer appointment that then got cancelled.

Ashley and I met up with my parents and then went to see a band in central London. It was held in a Gay Club in town, my first ever foray into such a place, actually.

As the band started early, it wasn’t really operating as a Gay Club, until long after the band finished, and our tickets only allowed us to watch the band ( Pale Waves ) rather than to hang on for Porn Idol, a Male only striptease competition. As the band weren’t much cop ( 4/10 ) thé strip would’ve been a lot better probably, but it wasn’t to be.

Tonight was supposed to be Marti Pellow, but instead my girlfriend and i failed to see eye to eye on something and have now split up. Isn’t life full of surprises, he wrote with sadness. It had all seemed so near perfect, too.

There is no point in crying over spilt milk, he said mewing loudly, but hey.

God, I really don’t want to go back on line. I thought that was all behind me 🙁

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  2. Perhaps you and Ashley can reconcile? All couples experience not seeing eye to eye at some point. It’a how a couple works through it together that counts and makes a difference. See if the two of you might give working through this a go. Ashley is may be feeling as sad as you are about this.

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