So I’ve tried skiing, and now Kayaking.

I was pretty decent at both these things before, so was keen to see if I could do either.

Of the two, its obvious already that to ‘compete’ against people with legs sit skiing is the way forward. I can’t see currently that it’s that possible to get the power into the paddle stroke without core muscles, whereas in the ski it matters a lot less.

Roll on my next attempt at skiing then- who knows when..

Ah the perils of being in a wheelchair . Last week, with Cherie, I attempted a push down to the river and back ( a few hundred yards ). It was really not easy, and I almost tipped out twice.

On the way back, I got both my front wheels stuck in the rail tracks of the level crossing in my street.

A rail worker rushed to my aid.

Just think if I’d been alone. The trains come pretty regularly.


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