One day to go.

Tomorrow night is Fight Night.

18 total ameteurs have dedicated 3 months of their spare time to my cause. 5 sessions per week in the ring with Lee and Ali, as well as running and fitness.

They’re going to have to put into practice what they’ve learnt , in the ring in front of not only over a thousand people, including their friends and families, but in front of professional boxers, AND Sky TV cameras, knowing that it’ll be broadcast soon.

We know that there’ll be Johnny Nelson there, but suspect that Richy Woodhall may be, and possibly even the man of the moment in British boxing, George Groves.

Commentary will be provided by Adam Smith and also by Adrian Chiles, a real coup for the event.

All I have to do is sit there and witness the efforts and contributions of so many incredible people who’ve rallied around me since I braked too hard on a lonely french hillside and shot over the handlebars.

It would seem that my fight back firstly to life and hopefully to more than that in the future, has moved a lot of people to reassess their lives, and what’s important , and perhaps not to waste the time they have here on this planet.

Make no mistake , every one of those boxers is there to win on the night, but they’re all there for a lot more than that – to help other people ( including me ) who’ve had the most basic of human capabilities cruelly snatched away.

Thank you so much.


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