October the 9th.

I’m out of hospital now for a week.
I’m definitely not ‘ fine’ but am far better than I was.

Last night my bloody legs woke me at 2.45am and then spasmed constantly until Gina came at 7.
Obviously I was awake for all that.
I don’t think I have a UTI at all now, yet my challenges don’t seem to recede that much.
I do feel a bit cursed atm.

If I wasn’t by nature glass half full, then I’d have definitely ‘ checked myself out ‘ this last 2 weeks, such has been the horror of it all.

I don’t think too much about my daughters these days, but bloody hell they are 2 bloody callous young women, not to get in touch recently.

Their mother has clearly done a fantastic job of bringing them up. …albeit with extremely different values to the ones I’d have engendered in them, had it been my ex wife that had ended up in a wheelchair.

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