As above .. having booked flights to Portugal, in order to meet my builder who is installing ceiling hoists in my ickle place here.
Well it’s bloody hard to do anything without hoists, so rigid are my legs/ so full am I of metal.

But I got another UTI once here. FFS! Thankfully I have a course of antibiotics to address it.
But as per usual shite, I can’t sleep with my legs jerking. Just impossible.

So not so straightforward then, but then again it never is.
Sleeping through the night is a decade old memory for me. Waking / being woken by my body 10 times a night is quite usual.
I just have to hope I go back to sleep.
Usually I do. Not last night.

Anyway it’s bloody hot here mid October. At least there’s the weather.

Me and Gina G to help me, bless her cotton socks.
She’s a starship trooper for sure.

Rugby watching on my phone.
TVMucho is the app. And it works. Was £5 for a week.
We did go to a sports bar to see Wales get knocked out ( no surprises ) except the commentary is all in Portuguese – not so good that.

Got a friend who has had a crap life. I know how that feels. Not my first 40 odd years but the last 10.
Here’s the dilemma – is it better to see a ‘ therapist’ and talk about how crap my life is and what I’ve lost via my accident… every week for 3 hours, with the in between times spent thinking about what I’ll say to the therapist next time, so that effectively all I think about is what I’ve lost blah blah blah, or is it better to just not think about the better times and just how much I’ve lost at all ( or as little as possible by just shutting it out of my head )

So be miserable all the time, or just look for the joy in life now?
Good to talk? Or best not to talk?

Well I know what’s best for me. Thought it took an awful long time to manage it.

All those poor buggers who came back from the trenches/ the jungles/ the deserts, in the WORLD WARS… did they talk about it all the time? Seeing all the death and misery .. or was it something they just didn’t talk about and were then able to appreciate not having died themselves ..

What happened to the Stiff Upper Lip?

Never have people in the UK been more unhappy. Most teenagers are still depressed about the pandemic… hmmm I don’t know, but they could have had it far worse, had they been born 130 / 80 odd years ago and had to join the army and see the horrors of War.

What do you think about that then?
Talk all the time about how awful it was, or move on and try to put it in a closed box in your mind?

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