Not atypical.

Ive had a carer called Isabelle a few times this week. Blimey, she takes being thick to whole new levels.
All hair and handbag, she is the 27 year old i mentioned previously.

I tried to engage her in conversation, and asked if she was married or anything. She told me that she had been seeing a footballer for about 2 years. I tried not to stereotype her ( but actually I should have )
I asked how they’d met. She said ‘ on Insta’. It occurred to me that she would just ASSUME that I would be familiar with Insta… to the degree that if I wasn’t she’d have thought ‘ are you really fick or sumfing ?!’
You have to bear in mind the irony, when a few minutes later i asked her if she’d massage my calf muscle to stop my spasms, and she said ‘ what’s a carrrf mussel ?’

How can people like her, whose first language is English, be put in charge of looking after anyone at all with any kind of medical condition? What if I’d said ‘ I have a staphylococcal infestation ‘ or something ? For absolutely sure she would have looked completely blankly at me, and assumed I was delirious ( or sumfink )

I can joke about this, but seriously, someone that thick and someone with a medical problem, is a potentially lethal situation.

As The Kaiser Chiefs sang ‘ It’s cool to know nothing, it’s cool to know nothing… ‘

I have a UTI btw. I told her just now. She said nothing at all, so I asked if she’d heard me. She said ‘yes’ It was apparent to me that she either had no idea what it was, or had zero interest.

Carer? I think the clue should be in the Job title….?

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