No, they aren’t painful.

Someone asked me today if my spasms are painful.

Thought I’d post my reply on here as well.

Imagine you’re sat on a plane and there’s a kid in the seat behind that kicks the back of your seat every 30 seconds for the whole overnight flight.
And he kicks it in a variety of ways. Sometimes very hard and sometimes less hard but over and over again.

Imagine you’re In that plane for the rest of your life.
Yes, there’s a tv screen you can watch.

Oh and you can’t get up for the whole flight.
You have to pee into a pot without leaving the seat.
But you can’t feel your genitals and you can’t push your legs apart because they don’t work and they involuntary squeeze together all by themselves.

And the people around you have no idea and get huffy if you show any sign of being ‘ short ‘ with any of them, even once in the whole flight
Well that’s my life, all of the time.

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