Looks like I’m on the move today… Either to a different ward here, or maybe even to The Wellington in St John’s Wood, north London , just next to The Oval cricket ground. 

The Wellington is a proper spinal rehab hospital , so would seriously up the ante in terms of physio attention  which is what I am ready for now. 
I’ll miss the staff on the Intensive Care Ward, who’ve been nothing short of angelic. A huge thank you to all of them here. 
All my visitors seem pretty impressed with the improvement in my appearance so I can assume I’m looking a lot better. 
As the patient , life is sort of in slow motion. I do realise that I am better, but it’s all happening  very slowly. 
Every day is busy from start to end. I spend at least 2 hours a day just trying to respond to all the lovely emails I get from so many people. Some of them are so heartfelt , all of them appreciated. 
I’ve just moved wards in London Bridge. Room with a view over the river, no less!
This must be costing the insurance co a lot?! Best not to think about it, rather just appreciate it…
Turns out I’m off to The Wellington on Sunday instead. 
It’s lunch time. I’m under firm instructions to eat to excess. 
So gotta go. 

2 thoughts on “Move.

  1. Hi Russ, Kimberlee’s sister Michelle here. It was such a shock to hear about your accident all those weeks ago, you and yours have very much been in my thoughts since. Only just heard about your blog today and I’ve been reading through it for the last few hours. What a read! Dani’s words about those darkest days just after the accident had me welling up and your comments about your Bombay head wobble and attempts to kick your physio in the tits made me laugh out loud.

    I’m afraid you are just going to have to get used to being referred to as inspirational, cause you are going to hear it….. a lot :). Really, just wow, reading from the beginning of the blog to where you are now the transformation and how you have come on is miraculous. No doubt there are many challenges ahead and it is still relatively early days, but from what I have seen here and from what Kimberlee has told me about you I can bet you are going to make the very best of the situation. That is of course made a lot easier by having Dani, Lily and Amber. I’m always kept updated with how Lily and Amber are getting on, amazing girls both.

    So in conclusion I’m thinking if someone wants to beat Russ Dawkins, he’ll need a pocket full of kryptonite! …….oh, and thanks to this blog I have seen far more of my sisters boss than I ever thought I would 😉 I’ll keep reading the blog , wishing you all the best and in the words of Borat ‘Great success’ 🙂

    1. Michelle , you’re very amusing! Hope you know that!
      You’re right about Dani, she’s an absolute shining star, making life worth living for.
      There’s nothing she hasn’t, and won’t, do to help me, and our children.
      As for me, well, I’m just lying here trying to comprehend the tide of goodwill flowing over me.

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