I think the original purpose of the fundraising was to get me out of my morbid depression, and harness the goodwill of so many people that know me.
Two events were organised and money raised, for which I’m eternally grateful.
In addition, Dave B trekked miles across France,Dan inspired others to get out there by running a hundred miles, Terry will do his first Ironman, Robbie and his crew will conquer some of the steepest hills in France, and my cycling buddies will paddle from Devizes to Westminster in September.
So all sporty events, for a sporty guy.

The money raised has so far paid for some ski lessons ( not flights or accom or food ), and for the purchase of an Off Road all terrain wheelchair.
Has this helped me, as intended?
Christ yes, it’s taken my mind off the hopelessness, and reawoken my physical side.
About £750 also went on getting an old car converted to hand controls.

The next thing is an FES bike, electrocuting my dead legs, and making them move again ( though not under my conscious control ).

Anything with a ‘disability’ label is ridiculously expensive, FAR more than you’d guess at.

But when/if you see me cycling around/half lying down on what looks like an outsize kid’s tricycle, WITH A SMILE ON MY FACE..and legs not pathetically scrawny , then you can judge for yourself whether it was worth the money.

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