I messaged someone that reads this diary directly, yesterday. He’s a man that skied with me when we were both boys.

I have to say that I’ve never heard from anyone that has expressed himself quite so openly and earnestly to me before, and that I love his honesty  as much as he appears to respect my own.

For the record **** I think you are a brilliant guy.

On thé flip side of humanity, my online dating affair goes on … I had ‘ connected’ with a lady that seemed to click with me pretty well, so I broke the news about the wheelchair stuff to her.

I don’t advertise the chair on my profile, as I don’t get any messages if I do ( except from the desperate, frankly ).

Having mentioned the chair, thé free flowing rapport halted and the rot set in.. the thing is that whilst texting the ( clever) iPhone software had somehow detected her real name, giving me the option of googling her. It transpired that she is the CEO of a charity that provides carers to the disabled and elderly.

Perhaps im wrong for making any assumptions, but it did occur to me that of all people she might have some insight into my situation… to be clear I’m not advertising for a carer, im advertising for a girlfriend, just like all the other blokes are.

As my BFF Pia said – some people are just in the wrong jobs – I seriously could not have been more disturbed by her reaction to the news of my injury. Anybody would have thought that it was she who had been rendered suddenly paralysed, rather than some fella on the end of a few text messages. I mean, if a girl doesn’t want to date a bloke who’s had an accident, just come out and say it… rather than go on about how ‘ misled’ she’s been, and what a tough year she’s had etc etc etc. It’s no skin off my nose that she disappears off my phone, as ive not even met her, and by tomorrow I’ll have forgotten her altogether. At the moment however i feel a touch hurt, but that’ll be gone by tomorrow i know.

Today I went ( uninvited obviously ) to watch one of my daughters at her school Sports Day. Unfortunately she had apparently gone home sick, so I didn’t get to watch her do well ( or so the teachers said ).  I don’t suppose I’ll find out what she did well in, but never mind.

I went to see Eels in Brixton tonight with my buddy Leigh. Russ gig rating 4/10.  Would I see them again ? No. Why? Because of their catalogue of great songs théy only bothered to play one.

You have to please the crowd ! It’s not rocket science !

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