So my Triride has gone for welding, and I’m without transport temporarily, which is ok. They are apparently very good at fixing stuff out here, so I have confidence in them.

When the bit that attaches the motor to the chair is failing, it’s not that inspiring in terms of its safety factor – but hopefully it’ll come back soon.

Sunny now as well – who’d have thunk it? Factor 50 applied, but you still go brown! I wish I’d known that basic fact about 30 years ago…

Good to hear from my Uni mate, Hartley, who has, for the first time in his life apparently, just clicked on a blog link – Good Lord, if he can do it, anything is possible ? He’ll be leaving comments next ?!

Still all sorts of black stuff coming out of me, but perhaps it’s influenced by my charcoal intake – that WOULD add up…

Ashley comes back for a little bit tomorrow night, which is exciting for sure.

I haven’t watched any comedies on telly, but watched some Swedish movies with subtitles  – no, not what you’re thinking, but tbh those Scandi girls are very cute, aren’t they ?! Pia is one, so I can vouch for her being the same.

Other than that, blondes are so last year, having found a gorgeous brunette – well you have to roll with it, right ?!



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