My Triride bracket now welded, it feels a lot safer on the downhills when braking… before it felt like the bloody thing was about to break off all the time.

Thanks to Wolf for sorting that for me. I have emailed Triride about this fairly obvious design fault, but I don’t think they really want to admit it.  It can’t just have been my bad luck that BOTH my brackets have needed welding, but hey. Wish backs were that easy to fix.

Tonight is another violent Swedish film – the third of the ‘Girl with a dragon tattoo’ trilogy – my carer looks a lot like the unlikely heroine in the film, down to even the same physique. I don’t think Krisztina would be able to kill so many people though, or hack into the police network, but then again you never really know.

Lovely to speak to Caroline B today, and catch up with Pia too. Reception is a bit dodgy out here, but we managed ok.

I’m looking forward to seeing Ashley tomorrow night, just a little bit 😉

2 thoughts on “Fixed.

  1. We were lucky to go to the premiere of that Film. My Son was an Engineer at the Odeon Leicester Square at the time and got us tickets. I always remember the thrill of walking down the red carpet. I didn’t want to see the film but wanted tot just keep walking down the red carpet. I remember the film was a bit gruesome. Love to you and you and I am glad that you have found happiness. Margaret x x x

  2. You are doing amazing as always Russ .. focusing on the positives … so glad you have met someone lovely. .. and a brunette too !! Big hugs and keep blogging ! C x

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