Meeting up.

I’m aware that there’s a situation in my life that could do with a bit of amendment.

I suppose you could call it my status?

When people come by to have a drink/ coffee/ cuppa, I’m aware that they can ‘ classify ‘ the experience as having ‘ visited ‘ me, rather than called in to have the aforementioned liquid refreshment with a friend.

Is this how it’s always gonna be, I wonder? If they drop in to see other people, do they class that as ‘ visiting ‘, or as something else?

When I was in hospital, for sure i had an awful lot of amazing people ‘ visit ‘ me, but years later, and in my own home, where I provide razor sharp wit and my slightly unorthodox take on the world, are people still ‘ visiting ‘ me?

What if i meet them away from my property? In a cafe, at the river, or at a gig venue? Are they still ‘ visiting ‘?  I think that some do think that way, actually, even though I might meet em there, and provide the tickets…?

Anyway, I’m far from ungrateful for my lovely mates, whether they visit, or meet up with a friend ( me ) but it isn’t a one way relationship anymore, as my situation has changed so much.

When Wendy comes, she comes to spend her time with her boyfriend, have a laugh, smile an awful lot, and get her rocks off.

But that’s only her, admittedly…

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