The week that was.

Great to see, in no particular order, my new neighbours, Pia, Catherine that I worked with, Marky P, my Mum and Dad, Lar, Vitaly and Victoria, Wendy obviously, Pia, my dermatologist for yet another biopsy ( face this time ) and  Jessica and Raquel.

Good to work out my girlfriend’s contact lens prescription ( seems like an age since I’ve done much optical ) and give a little reassuring advice to a friend on disturbing visual migraines. Can’t say I miss work much any more- that seems like a lifetime ago.

Got a new Triride tyre – mine was f’d after only 5000 Miles ??! Thanks to the guys in the London Bicycle Workshop for fitting it for me. I now have grip up slopes!

Went for my first ever drink of alcohol by myself the other night – on the river whilst out exploring my new vicinity. I don’t think one glass of wine on your own makes me a Billy no Mates? I did chat to Chris M on the phone whilst there, and the people sat next to me, so not exactly the start of a slippery slope!

Feel a little tired today after a few drinks with my neighbours Plus Wendy, and hardly any sleep afterwards… well that s thé trouble with new relationships, you don’t actually get that much sleep, do you. Never mind. I don’t care at all about sleep – I’ll always get what I need once I’m tired enough, and just crash.

B&Q is my new favourite place- soooo many useful things for a new home, that can be used strategically to make life easier.

At last I seem to have a competent Carer, though of course I can never really tell until a few days have passed. Wendy has been giving me a help with stuff, which has lightened the Carer’s already light load, but hey.

Ive had to struggle to get the entrance door to my building to be adapted so that I can actually get it – a fairly essential thing, right?

When you report this stuff, the most striking thing is how slowly things happen. Look, I can’t actually get in FFS, so it’s not something that you can leave for a week and eventually get around to it. It’s bloody urgent, as guess what? Yes, getting in and out is a  blimmin basic requirement!

I use the ‘ reasonable adjustments ‘ clause quite a lot, to hurry them up, and do a lot of looking the person in the eye and speaking firmly… giving them absolutely NO doubt as to what it is that is required.

That seems to work fairly well…


Outside cinema this week in Kensington Palace, a band in Barnes, and mates to see, as well as cracking on with various home improvements to make life easier and more ordered.

Whilst I’m not OCD… i do have strong opinions on how my own property is ordered… and I think that’s my right.


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  1. Glad to hear you are enjoying exploring your new neighborhood and getting to know your neighbors. Hope the new carer works out and stays a good while. Whether it’s a visit ir a meet up, it’s good to spend time with friends.

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