March 25th 2023.

Have finally bought myself a car that I actually drive myself.
It’s a bloody great unit – more truck than car, but it’s gotta have me in it, plus wheelchair, plus room for the Triride, plus be a party bus for me homies.

Once I get the full wrap, my face on all sides and the flames up the side etc it’ll look ‘distinctive’ enough not to be stolen.

That’s quite exciting – being able to go places without a train involved.
The thing is so big that parking will be tricky. May just have to use fields or something. Can’t see myself driving into London at all in it tbh. Just too complicated and far slower than roaring off in my Triride.

Seen some great plays recently actually. Dark and disturbing most of em.

Spasms are under control. The antidepressant I was on may have been responsible for the spasms.
There’s an irony – the pill to cheer you up gives you side effects that make you want to kill yourself most of the time.
Gotta laugh.
Actually being off that pill has made me a fair bit ‘ sharper’. That’s handy in divorce court next week. My adversary ( she who shall not be named ) is up against my full mental faculties for the first time in a long time. Looking forward to a good old bit of British Justice tbh.
She can’t actually be sent to jail though unfortunately.

Anyway, lodger out this weekend. Weyhey! Instagram (and cosmetic surgery !! ) obsessed in your early 20’s just isn’t right?

No more lodgers.

Got to shift stuff to my wee pad in Portugal. Need 2 hoists there and a wheelchair that actually enables me to go onto the beach. Not been on sand for about 7 years.

The space freed up in my own flat here will be transformational.

I was once minimalist… but then disability and wheelchairs and hoists rather trash that option, plus a drastic downsizing gave me too much stuff!

That’s going to Change tho. It’ll be like the Conrad Shop in here soon, give or take a bloody great iBot and 3 other wheelchairs and 3 ceiling hoists.
Ignore those and see the minimalism beyond!


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