Lil beggars.

I’m not known for being a horticulturist ( more of a naughty culturist ) but I’ve been planting lots of things. Only things in planters that are higher than knee height of course, as I can’t bend down.

Anyway I’ve found that something is bloody digging the plants up all the time! Squirrels? Cats? Possibly aliens…

I’m going to go to get some 🐥 wire tomorrow after the Court thing, to keep the plants safe from chickens, and hopefully the other things too.

5 thoughts on “Lil beggars.

  1. My son told me that it was Pampas Grass in the front garden if you are Swinger and you want others to join I am sure that can’t be true as the Vicar has them in his front garden. You never know though. Marge x x The squirrels had most of my crocus bulbs…

  2. Dawky, funnily enough, I’ve just bought 3 varieties of Sunflower seeds. Now (ie Spring), is the time to plant them and water like fuck and allow Photosynthesis to do the rest.

    1. Aren’t sunflowers in your front garden kinda like a code sign that you’re up for swinging?
      That’s what I heard Robbo.

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