I told you.

We i did, to be fair.

Latest Male carer is proving himself to be bone idle.

I’ve gone from Boris Karloff to Lurch from The Adam’s Family.

How do these people get care positions??


My email to the agency just now –

‘Whilst he is actually going before long, I’m deeply disappointed with this carer. After not being able to clean or even answer the door, ‘this evening he said that he hadn’t eaten all day and somehow that is my fault ? Who is caring for who here? He did nothing at all until 1 pm as my girlfriend made breakfast and helped me wash and dress and transfer to my chair. He didn’t offer me lunch and I had none. I then went out at 4.30 until 8. Then I made my own dinner on a barbecue outside.
I asked him to pour me a small glass of wine and he gave me half of a whole bottle in a glass filled to thé very top. When I asked what on Earth he was doing… he said ‘ well last time you drank it and I had to give you some more later on,  so I just gave you more this time instead of having to fill it up again ‘

Seriously – what can this man actually do that s right ?’

2 thoughts on “I told you.

  1. Wow. So sorry for your new male carer not being any better than your previous one. It must be very frustrating. Hope this gets sorted out soon. Least you’re back in London again!

  2. Well it is like my Mum used to say. As long as you have a pulse then the jobs yours. I will come and see you one day,,,, Love Margaret x x x

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