It’s coming home.

What is?

The England football team, I’d say, tomorrow morning.

Surely this nonsense can’t go on and on? They were no good when they left for Russia, so how can they possibly be good enough to win the World Cup?

I do want to watch it though, so I can be the minority supporter in a vast crowd of English people.

I had 2 sets of tickets to 2 different gigs tonight. One is in Somerset House ( Sigrid ) and the other in Brixton ( All Saints ). I wanted to see Sigrid so I emailed and then phoned too, for clarification on their intention to screen the match first ie if they were going to. I pointed out that if they didn’t, then almost everyone would not show up… get this – they said that they would make a plan a few hours before the game,but not actually tell anyone what the plan was

So im in the Electric in Brixton – massive screen and All Saints after the game.

Somehow in VIP area chatting to Mel from All Saints dad…?!!

And Croatia are looking ever so on top, suddenly.

Not sure if I’m a Serb or a Croat… but I’m one of them…

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