I probably didn’t oughta disclose this… but…well you know!

I’m back online dating. Just tipped my toe in the water, that’s all. And a girl phones me up and says ‘ just wanna tell you I’ve lost 4 stones and 2 more to go. Wanted me to say YES… to a date.
I declined by text. She got really angry and called me a cunt!!

She said that she’d been really nice about my condition… and I’d been unkind about hers…

Well hang on a bit. Being paralysed is definitely a condition. Eating so much that you are 6 stones ( 90 pounds over a size 12 – her words ) isn’t ‘ a condition’. That’s her choice of diet and activity!

Bugger me, the cheek of it! Made me laugh. Possibly being a cunt is actually a condition?

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