Hospital and News

Today I’m in Stoke Mandeville hospital to investigate my morbid leg rigidity. For the last 5 years my legs have become progressively more stiff and spasm’d. Mobility has got harder and harder and my Care hours have gone up and up.
I’ll have a full body MRI and everything will be X-rayed.
I do think i cracked a neck vertebrae in my 23 day old fall to the floor. I’m still in a lot of pain, though it’s not all the time now, thank God.
I’ll find out today if there’s any possible treatment or resolution regime. Whatever it is is going to cost me… yet again.

However I have a girlfriend… who is beautiful and kinda perfect in every way. Without getting ahead of myself.. I hope that several holes in my life are filled. I’d dearly wish to fill others but despite my best efforts for many years they remain deep and seemingly bottomless.

Nina however has an amazing bottom, so my future suddenly feels far from dire. My luck feels like it’s going to change in a big way. 🙏

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