Better ( ish ).

My neck / shoulders/ arms are still hurting, but the pain moves around depending on what I’m doing.
I had to buy a microwave that could sit next to me in bed whereby I can keep reheating cherry stone bag that’s been a permanent fixture around my neck. I had to do that 20 times a night to get through for the first week. Now it’s far less often.
Anyway in general it’s a shit load better than It was. I’m confined to being indoors because riding my triride hurts a fair bit – it’s having my arms in front of me that hurts.

Staying in gives me cabin fever, going out is painful. I’m out now – gone a mile by triride but it’s not comfortable at all. Worth a punt though.

My parents were down for 2 days. Great to see them. No lodger means they can stay over. That’s good.
My pain understandably makes me a bit tetchy though. Well it does that to everyone.
I can only explain and apologise. Doing my best.

I have missed a few things I booked. That grates but I just had to make a call. In the normal world people don’t think twice about not going out if they have a headache or a sniffle.
I’m paralysed and then in severe pain, yet to me cancelling is a really big problem.
I need to get some perspective, obviously.

It’s not like I’ve even been able to go round my place and ‘ fix ‘ things. Too painful to use my right arm for long.

Anywayyyyy…. hopefully by Monday I’ll be serviceable ( interpret that any way you like …)

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