Hello, hello, hello.

Apparently the reason I should NOT keep a diary of post paralysis life, according to Rick, is that I ‘ use it ‘over use it ‘  as a platform to criticise my ex wife and kids ‘.
This is from someone ( lovely, decent guy ) who doesn’t actually read the blog, at all. As in never.
Not for more than 18 months anyway.

Would I be correct in saying that it’s important to actually look at all the evidence, of ALL the things I write about, and all consequences of my injury, before finding someone guilty ?
Perhaps I’m wrong ?

Guess what Tweedledum does for a living ? Perhaps pertinent given my last question ?

He’s a detective, in the Police Force.

Shouldn’t he be out catching proper criminals instead of shooting fish in a pond ( thats me, btw )

Whilst his intentions are undoubtedly good, his conclusions are not evidence based.

I think I should be renamed The Brentford One….

I take on board his point, but I don’t really think I mention those 3 people an awful lot? I’ve plenty to write about, and plenty to say that’s NOT about divorce, I think as anyone that reads this regularly will agree with.

Happy to discuss though.


One thought on “Hello, hello, hello.

  1. I always read your blog every day and you hardly ever mention your ex Wife or Kids. I am wondering how he became a Detective – makes you wonder. Perhaps my Mum’s “As long as you have a Pulse Theory” has something to do with it. Love Margaret x x

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