Happy Birthday to me.

It’s 2 years today.., I woke up and walked to get my bike. image
I wonder if I’d been told if I wasn’t careful, I’d have an accident, whether I’d still have gotten on it?
I probably would have.

I mean, you spend your whole childhood ignoring your mum’s pleas to be careful, then your adult life ignoring your wife’s advice too.
My bad decision was knowing that I had an injured left hand that would affect my ability to brake, in a dangerous situation, I still chose to ride my bike at speed down steep alpine mountain roads.

Lesson learnt, good and proper?
You’d think so.

Since that day I’ve crashed at speed on a sitski over a cliff, rolled my arm bike, and almost drowned capsizing an uncapsizable rowing boat.

And relatively speaking, I’m barely out of my hospital bed.

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