Back home.

Other than being delayed, I had a journey without mishap.

I was met in Heathrow, by Dani and Kev – 1 medium sized car not being enough for all my stuff.

Seeing my girls, in our flat, was just lovely.
They soon all went out, leaving me to sleep for about an hour, before Debs came to keep an eye on me, and take me out to my own arranged ‘party’. …

Thank you to the lovely crowd that had taken pity on me at short notice, and showed up.
There was a lot of wine put away, and it turned into a late one, Dani getting back too, for the last 3 hours.

I slept for a full 12 hours after that, and seem to have slept well ever since , better than when I was away – maybe that’s a security thing?

I’ve loved seeing all the people I’ve seen since my return, so many smiling faces, including Niki, Dan, Sas, Alan, Wendy, Olly,Cherie, Terry, Jeremy, Neal, Neil, Sonia, Anita, Toby, Cress, Larry, Sarah, Jamie, Dickon, Tanya, Eesha, Nital, Ren, Nathan and Sonia, and Alison.

I’ve been to work ( only as a ‘social’ ) but it was great to catch up with some of my team there.

I’ve noticed that being home seems better than it was when I was last here.

I used to spend a lot of time thinking about the past, and looking at people walking, running, riding bikes and wishing I could too.
I don’t seem to have the same frequency of looking back now, which makes my mind a lot more able to relax. In fact, thinking about it, I never used to feel relaxed, just anxious, all of the time.

I don’t know whether this period of relative calm will continue or not. I hope it does.
It’ll be 2 years since my accident, this Sunday.
How are you supposed to mark that date ? It’s going to come around every year, til I die.

It’s the date I think of more than any other, despite me not remembering the events of that day, except for in snatches.

I won’t celebrate it, but I will try to enjoy the day, to make up for all the pain caused 2 years ago, maybe.

4 thoughts on “Back home.

  1. Your bravery has to be admired my friend. What your going through and yr shear determination is just out standing, and I will mention the photo with the arm does look impressive 🙂 lol well done you !!

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