The flight here was packed with families- mostly with young children. I was eventually put next to a mum and little girl.

I couldn’t help myself but to get involved in the word game they were playing on an ipad.

I miss having a family, and times like that bring it home to me quite painfully.

Another two little boys were fascinated by the ring I spin to exercise my arm, which distracts me from my spasms as well as burning calories, so it’s a win win. Little kids don’t actually ask you any questions- they just watch you,with absolutey no embarrassment,for ages, then suddenly stop looking at you and look at something else, as though they were never that interested in the first place. It’s sort of quite hurtful, but lovely at the same time. Adults would never do that, and never ‘get away with it ‘ in the same way that children do.

I have to thank Cressida very much for putting up with me ( and putting me up ) at a difficult time and with little notice, and for helping me with my hygiene and dressing. As a qualified and practicing nurse, I couldn’t really be in better hands, could I? It doesn’t lessen the guilt i feel very much for being a sudden and unexpected burden, but I know that she wouldn’t ever class me as that ( although I am ). Thank you Cress – I love you lots. Xx

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