Being a classic ‘Alpha Male type’ personality,  I have the tendency to think that I’m right about things. That’s what we do, us lot that are programmed like that. Most of my male relatives are the same ( though not all of them ). I used to think it was an advantage  being an Alpha type, but now I realise that unless you’re fighting a bear or something it’s not very useful at all.

It’s only taken me the 51 years to work this out….

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  1. Even in sadness you manage to crack a funny remark …. “the alpha male only useful is you need to fight a bear “..😂😂I don’t know the details of what’s going on … but I do hope that you find some resolution … you have changed so much from the guy I knew … I am truly sorry that things keep on knocking you down .. but you definitely learn from these experiences and keep bouncing back . Now that’s being an alpha male in my opinion ! I hope you can have some easier times ahead . Emotionally and find a new supportive fun active helper !! Thinking of you and sending you hugs. C x

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