Im travelling back to portugal 🇵🇹 today, this time having engaged a MALE carer. I reckon that’s almost certainly a great thing for me – you know, men are a bit easier, aren’t they…?

This having a carer malarkey is more about me ‘ managing the carer’ than it is about them looking after me, I’ve realised.

I travel back with some off road wheels for the Segfree wheelchair, which in theory make it able to go pretty much anywhere, through anything. I might get a waterproof cover for it so I can go underwater as well.

And guns on the front as well.

You may as well be prepared for angry golfers, when you’ve wheeled slowly across the fairway, right ?

Lots of golfers in Portugal, see. And they can get a bit upset about things – especially if I wasn’t dressed appropriately, just to make things even worse.

Right, almost at the airport.

One thought on “Good!

  1. Hooray for trying a male carer! I think that might well work for you, as a guy will be more straightforward about what he needs from you (guidance on how to do procedures) and will hopefully also be able to fix things. And if he’s a local guy, he might be able to introduce you to some of the local community in Portugal, which should perk you up no end, since you are a social mofo.

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