Not easy.

I can cope with a fairly sleepless few days, but not so well when I get really bad spasms as well. Of course it may be the lack of sleep that makes the spasms worse, which then prevents me sleeping ( and so on etc ).

Today and for 36 hours I’ve been spasming all the time, and the whole airport thing wasn’t helpful at all. In any event it’s not exactly fun – more something I sort of quietly dread – but with the added distraction of constant spasms it’s pretty crap to be honest!

As usual the foreign end country’s airport people were better than our own, even at speaking English (?!), and certainly more communicative and smiley- and that does make a real difference.

Tomorrow I’ll have a fasting day again, as that definitely seems to be a positive thing for me – giving ‘ my system ‘ a chance to clear out, and reset itself.

I was thinking about going back to London again in a few weeks, but now I don’t think I will, as I cannot help but push the pace too much and it takes it’s toll. I think I forget that I’m paralysed and take on too much, but anyway I’ll see. I have a skin cancer appointment but I’ll try to see someone here if I can instead. None of the doctors i see in London are British, so I may as well be abroad and see a foreign one, right?

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