Good Lord

I asked Isabelle what she did in her spare time.

Speaking ever so slowly, she replied ‘ I’ve been really bizzeeee… ‘

I said ‘ doing what?’

Well, I like to reeeaddd

What about ?

Nuffink in particular, jus research, stuff like that.

Oh really, I said, have you done any research on my condition ?

Not yetttt, I been really bizeeeee.

Later on – I asked what she was reading on her phone.

She struggled with the word, saying Para-leeeee sis.

I asked if that was the same as paralysis?

I fink so, yes.

So there’s progress ? Kinda? Not her fault though is it?

CERA – who sell themselves as experts in care, ought be shut down, i feel?

2 thoughts on “Good Lord

  1. I knew a man, former nuckear physicist and very successful businessman but blind. He could not fly, due to his eardrums being permanently destroyed in an explosion whilst he was part of the Manhattan Project that developed the atom bomb during WWII.

    He had several business locations in Texas he needed to visit regularly. To do so, he needed to be driven around Texas regularly. A very large state.

    He had a heck of a time finding and retaining competent drivers that were interesting for him to talk with as they drove him hundreds of miles at a time. The intelligent ones never lasted long. Always found something better to move on to…

    I think you are in much the same fix as he was. So sorry.

    1. Gads! The joys of autocorrect! I typed “nuclear” and my phone ever so helpfully changed it to “nukear” befire I hit “send”. Seriously?

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