From my Ex – Help in Portugal

( About Wendy ) She sounds and looks great Russ – Unlike your carers, if that is the right word. Go private, pay the carer direct. Tell them to register self employed and get two, month on month off. Pay them per day what you pay the agency per day and they will be over the moon. Also my friend, interview loads and pick the right people, infact t pretend you are interviewing for the Yukon 1000. Tell them the good things for them too. Life with Russ is busy but never boring.
Oh, so, also, advertise up North, you will get more bang for your buck. Be good my friend x

Russ, once I have my certificate for Portuguese language ( which is a good way off ) I will come over and do a month for free. I cannot understand why the carers do not want to be out and about. You taught me so much about my own Profession, true my friend.

Be out and about or iron fresh sheets for a man who can’t feel them? Well in my best Scouse it’s a no, or is it no brainer?

I will get on my Facebook and see if I can find you a carer and someone who wants to be out and about. I have many friends in the care world. Let’s just see if I can help.

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