Going back. Prematurity.

Thanks to Cress for the bed and room, and the help and kindness.

I did arrange a carer, but she didn’t turn up. Amazing, that whole industry?!

Thank you to Chérie for the company and thé chat. I got caught in a massive thunderstorm in my Triride with no coat. I did take shelter in a pub though, and was saved from the worst of it.

Having had  pretty awful experience in Britain, I’ve booked yet another flight and am leaving early ( tomorrow ) so that I can escape to the relative peace of Portugal.

Living there suddenly appears to be my preferred option, which I hadn’t anticipated.  I definitely am leaving here with less than I came with, but at least I have maintained my spirit and haven’t plumbed the depths of despair that a while ago I would have.

I’ve also learned not to talk about girlfriends on my blog, and especially not about falling in love. I now look a bit of a complete twat for getting so carried away with the love and happiness thing that I thought I had.

Next time I mention a lady by name it’ll have to be after the alter, i think, and only then.



One thought on “Going back. Prematurity.

  1. Russ don’t ever think you are a Twat. The only Twat is Ashley who left you high and dry with no where to stay. I love reading your blogs and please keep telling us about your love life. You have nothing to be ashamed about, she is the loser and a Bitch – can I say that. Love to you Margaret x x

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