From the ridiculous to the even more ridiculous.

So it seems that Henry Hendron is at least pausing in his trans ocean attempt, after AGAIN being rescued by the Coast Guard (!) on Day 2… after having been rescued on Day 1 already… I wonder if you get arrested on Rescue no 3 ? You should be.

Anyway, Henry ( i think a bit pissed ) last night ( while I was at a gig in Kings Cross with Chris H and Wendy – Grandmaster Flash 6/10 ) sent me about 30 messages, having realised that I was concerned about him, and probably  having received a lot of emails after my blog post…

It seems that he has revised his plan ( or now actually has a little one ), that being to do some online how to sail reading….well it’s woefully inadequate but it’s better than nothing.

Now for the good bit … he then suggested ( about 20 times, increasingly persistently, that I join him on the boat and crew for him. Apparently my wheelchair isn’t an issue on a small rocky boat, on the high seas, and any obstacles are only ‘ in my mind ‘. He even called me a coward for my declining his offer.

I spelt it out to him that he’d have to help me wash and dress and carry me up and down the little stairs, as that stuff hadn’t ( it seems ) occurred to him. Then he shut up, at least.

So we have a little hope ref Henry – he’s still got no chance of surviving a major storm in the Atlantic, but he may now get offshore, without being rescued, for a few days, though has to navigate one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes ( English Channel ) after that.

Hmmmm… you have to love him!

7 thoughts on “From the ridiculous to the even more ridiculous.

  1. Henry needs a good chat with Toby and Cressida, who are darn good sailors. I bet they could give him some excellent pointers and they are so nice I’m sure they could also persuade him to have some proper lessons before setting out to become the next Chay Blyth.

  2. I once had the honour of meeting Sir Ranulph Fiennes. The setting was an ‘audience with the Great Explorer and I recall one of the audience members asking if he felt he took crazy risks and he explained very matter of factly that never had he taken ‘crazy risks in all his of his adventures as every trip was calculated and analysed in great depth before he set foot on any travels. Wise words me thinks……

    1. I once shared a shower with him – Mr Fiennes- after a Devizes to Westminster canoe race ( Beat him by hours btw )
      I wondered who the skinny and ever so posh bloke next to me was… and it was him.
      Yes – well prepared – that’s him.
      ( he even brought his own Ralph shower gel …)

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