The Britney Show.

Well she definitely has still got it, and it’s a serious show that The Britney Corporation put on. She’s dressed like a hooker ( which is great ) and she’s got a lovely bum.

Its all way too over choreographed and she is a bit lost in the crowd on the stage.

I think she ought to forget about the running around the stage and the frenzied dance routines. She’s no Beyoncé and she doesn’t need to be. When she started it was all about suggestion rather than nudity.

I say that sometimes less is a lot more – so less stage show and more just Britney? But hey, what do I know, she pays a lot of money to a lot of people to keep that show going.

Maybe / definitely she’s not in control of her own image, just keeps paying people with their own self interest at heart.

Also, don’t talk Britney… you’re like David Beckham on helium.

Britney… 6/10 ( but I’m sure a lovely lady somewhere in there, Away from it all )


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