Even closer.

Thanks in advance to Denise, for my lift to the airport tomorrow, and also to Jamie, Brian and Cindy, for offering lifts.

They call a lift a ride here.
A lift is an elevator.. all very confusing for them… talking to me.

A few people have said they’ll miss me.
What’s that all about?
But nice to hear, anyway.

I will miss the people that I’ve met here, and that I can genuinely call my friends.
I definitely like Americans, at least the ones here!

I’ve managed NOT, in 5 months to:

Go to Church
Go to the Strip Club next door
Go the mostly gay bar down the road, with regular Drag Nights.
Go to MacDonalds at all
Go to KFC
Go mad.

All in all its been a small step for Mankind, but a … You know the rest.

3 thoughts on “Even closer.

  1. Great job avoiding all those “temptations “! I wish you the best, thanks for teaching me English and for sharing. I’ll still keep up with you on your blog.

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