This is a photo, on my last day here of me and my 2 Kentucky Homies… Mitch on the left, and Jamie on the right.

These 2 have been the main perpetrators of pressing the Start button of my daily electrocution ‘therapy’.
They are 2 of the nicest guys I’ve ever met, and this is a thank you, for making my time in America far more tolerable than it ever might have been, by virtue of their forever positive dispositions and infectious good natures.
They put up with me, and my unceasing efforts to persuade them to pronounce words ‘properly’, as per the Queen’s English, for 5 long months, and at the end still didn’t seem to have had enough.

Full marks for tolerance, to you two lads.

I do hope to renew our acquaintance again in Kentucky, and if that never comes to pass then perhaps in London, where you’re always welcome.

The other thing about the picture that strikes me, is the size of my bloody arm!
As I’ve not made any concerted effort to ‘grow’ my arms, it seems to have happened anyway, as a by-product of the arm crank, hardly eating anything, and drinking wine.
Not sure if that’s one for ‘the manual’, but it’s happened anyway?

My best of luck too, to Cole ( 22 ) who, after a car crash at the age of 19, went from athlete to paraplegic in an instant, but who gets an epidural implant very soon. Like me, he demonstrates an intolerance for his enforced wheelchair existence, and wants to get out of the accursed thing as soon as he can, for as long as he can, and as much as he can.
What a great guy Cole is, as in fact are so many that suffer this type of injury, displaying a courage and character that you just don’t come across in the ‘normal’ world.


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