Easy… jet

On the way out to Portugal, I’d obviously declared my disability and wheelchair and inability to walk at all status, so was a tad surprised that I’d been assigned row 20 in the airplane – that’s a fair way from where they carry me on. Seeing the error of their ways, they reassigned my seat to row no 3.

After sticking me into the reassigned seat, a couple got on and immediately said to Wendy in hauty tones ‘ EXCUSE ME, but are you sure they’re your seats?’ Wendy very politely explained that as I was paralysed and can’t walk, Easyjet had put me towards the front in these seats.

The woman ( looking irritated ) said ‘ well I COMPLETELY understand your situation, BUT I booked these seats and I really don’t want to sit further back…’

Ok then, I’ll drag myself with just my arms out of this row and then drag myself 17 rows further back, and then into the seats back there … shall I … I thought…. as I’d hate you to be slightly inconvenienced….

I just thought it though, rather than said it, and left Easyjet to recompense her with a free bacon butty or something.

I do see, again and again, the petty strips of people that ought ( surely?) know better…

3 thoughts on “Easy… jet

  1. As you know my mobility isnt great. I always book special assistance online whilst booking, and follow up with a phone call to airline explaining where i need to sit, and pretty much always have been sorted out without being charged any more, easyjet have always been great, but make sure you speak to their special assistance team direct, by phone, dont rely on email, thats my advice for what its worth m8. Passenger on your plane sounds like a chavvy twat, lots of easyjet customers like that

    1. Well she was a middle class twat actually, and I think they are the worst sort – educated enough to know far better, but with a sense of entitlement that ruins them.

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