An uneventful trip!

Ok so I again braved a Portuguese motorway on my Triride, but other than that was ok!

We tried something different this time, to reduce the pain…
I got lifted from my chair, into an airport chair, straight after check in.
I then ‘ supervised’ the reattaching of my tri to my chair… mostly by young Gina… ✅

Yes I had to spend 90 minutes in an unsuitable chair but it was ok.

When I got to the Gate, I then have to transfer to the weeny aisle chair… which wasn’t so good.. because the ‘ lifting staff ‘ consisted of a moderately strong fella and a girl the size and weight of an 11 year old.
How bizarre to employ her in this role – she is absolutely going to get injured

So we tried the fella and Gina instead.
The little girl lady just about managed to carry Gina’s handbag.

The arm rests didn’t lift up on the old plane, with the only row that did, the rearmost seats.
So that’s where I went.

Plane crash and I’m dead anyway, so it’s academic where I sit.

Gatwick airport and then good train from Gatwick airport to Clapham and then another to Brentford.

Bish bash bosh.

Got home – did a hundred getting back things and then tri’ d to Shepherds Bush to meet Chris and watch The Lightning Seeds.

Top night !

It didn’t even rain on me.
Cold mind, after the 73 of Pork n cheese land.


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