DRuss -rechained

Russ Enjoying a Solero with his hands tied!

Russ pretty zonko all day today. The nurses were saying he’s very lively during the night hence why he’s so tired during the day. Not very considerate for visitors!

This morning he was taken for a CAT scan to check a haematoma which has developed on his back. Only feedback we’ve got is that no definitive view yet but initial views are that there is nothing to worry about.

Alwyn and I came up this afternoon armed with an ipad on which we’d downloaded Django Unchained, the latest Quentin Tarantino movie. Couldn’t find anything to prop it up on hence Alwyn having to imitate a TV stand (think he prefers that role to Chief Bollock Wallah). Luckily for Al, Russ fell asleep 20 mins into the movie so we watched it instead! Felt very wrong watching a typically brutal Tarrantino  movie while in an Intensive Care Unit!!


Oh, the other thing to report is that Russ has been very naughty and again trying to remove all his wires and tubes etc. Worse still, today he actually managed to pull out his tracheotomy device. So, his punishment is that his arms are now permanently restrained so he now looks like an inmate in Guantanamo  Bay. Better safe than sorry though :-s

Love Danielle xxxx

Just a line or two to say it has been another sleepy day. I believe Danielle has brought you up to speed on the fact that Russ had a scan. It was because he had a haematoma on his back. The preliminary results indicated that it wasn't cause for concern.
Russ was very, very tired but it was explained to us that the above procedure exhausted him.
He has lots of friends visiting tomorrow so we really hope he will be awake!
Apparently he is a member of " The wide awake club" at night" so hoping to reverse the pattern!
Well, I too am very sleepy.
Night, night.
Hugs to all
Jenni xxx

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  1. It is lovely to hear the great news of each new little thing Russ is achieving . Keep at it Russ . Smiles for all his support group also . Kate ashford ss

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