In the interests of KeepingOnKeepingOn, despite my bloody top half feeling 2 inches out of line with my bottom half, Wendy and I ‘ braved ‘ the train, Tube, buses and pavements of London to see Garbage ( no, not rubbish ) in Brixton.

◦ Not sure why she has died her hair bright ginga and got it it 2 massive bun type things – to go with the shimmering ginga dress, but there you go.
She got a bit ‘ political ‘ at the end, and didn’t sing their seminal hit ‘ Stupid Girl ‘ but yes, she’s still got it.

7/10 for Garbage, despite looking like a character from Crystal Tips and Alistair.

Increasingly the disabled area seems filled with fat young females with big hair, not enough clothes, and extreme tattoos. They don’t have any obvious mobility issues, other than being unable to fit through reasonably large gaps – think supermarket aisles. They seem happy enough, certainly whilst standing up and dancing and taking selfies, though always seem keen to sit down and take the weight off their feet, though are pretty nimble back and forth to the bar/ any fast food counter. There is definitely a dearth of visible boyfriends, accompanying them. It’s perfectly possible that they ‘ aren’t that way inclined ‘ which is also absolutely fine obviously.

Hopefully 8 more days til surgery and straightening – being so tilted isn’t great for my psyche, or my bloody spasms.

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