Today I hope to get to Magistrates Court again. I’ve tried and failed a few times since the last visit, but today I reckon I’ll make it. Who knows what I’ll see there. I’ve been told that the Crown Courts are more fun ( I mean they have ‘ bigger/more serious ‘ cases and crimes ) but there is something about seeing the law at work in the trying of petty ( you might say ) offences. The amount of time spent arguing about the most insignificant things is extraordinary really, but humans are bloody petty. I know from my own experience that people can react in the most extreme ways to the most minor of ‘ills against them ‘. It’s almost certainly because their lives are fairly charmed and they have very little to complain about, so tiny events are escalated to being significant. Prime examples are garden fence disputes, where neighbours argue and prosecute each other over a few inches of lawn. I mean really, who gives a fuck ? But actually lots of people do.

I know that because I have so many actual challenges that are always there, I don’t get worked up at all over little things. If I do appear to, the reality is that the ‘ argument’ is for my own entertainment rather than because I’m in any way perturbed. I’ve learned however that perspectives are everything – what’s almost invisible to one person is shocking to another, and you just have to accept that and not interfere.

Sometimes though it IS fun to poke people ( that deserve it ) a little bit…. and I do on occasion.

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