It’s odd isn’t it, that the people who are in positions of information giving about Corona, aren’t following best practice. The news presenters definitely aren’t sitting a metre apart, and Government ministers aren’t either. Trump’s entourage is shoulder to shoulder too.
The general public are panic buying, yet crowd together in supermarket queues. I don’t touch many things that aren’t mine. Nearly always I can’t reach door handles, and usually I’m holding onto the handle(s) of my Triride, rather than touching other stuff. It doesn’t seem to have dawned on most people that it’s touching things that others have touched, or breathing the air that someone else ( who has the virus ) has just breathed out. So when you pass close to people, turn your face away, and hold your breath for a few seconds. That’s not difficult, is it?

A mate’s niece, who is a nurse of 30, has contracted it, and it’s quite nasty even when you are young. When you have lungs that are already unhealthy then you’ll probably die.

The toilet paper thing is bonkers. I think there ought be Toilet Paper Use adverts Have you ever watched people using toilet paper? Not necessarily actually in the ‘ act ‘ itself, but someone taking some to say blow their nose. Lots of people use SO much, rolling the paper around their hand again and again, so taking about 20 sheets, and then they give their nose a little dab, and it’s in the bin. Where’s the logic in that? If your nose is FULL of snot. then sure, use a few sheets ( it’s all 3 layers of paper per sheet anyway ) The snot doesn’t soak through 3 sheets, so why use 20? Same with the other end – your poo ( unless it’s diarrhoea, isn’t going to get through either. Just use less and make the toilet rolls last, and wash your hands…

The not touching your face thing … well that depends what you have been doing. If you have just touched a surface that someone else has touched / sneezed on then then don’t touch your face, but if you have just washed your hands then it’s fine. I’m not sure people really understand what and why they are told to do stuff.

When I was a kid, my parents use to make me and my brothers wipe our bums with dock leaves – that’s a plant leaf that’s quite large and grippy. So there you go then – if there’s no paper use leaves; there are lots around. Careful not to use ones that are toxic tho. Don’t wipe your arse with deathly nightshade, and also check for earwigs that might run up your bum.
Pass it on.

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