At least it’s sunny.

As things are quite rightly cancelled all around us, I wondered what to do about my theatre booking tonight. If it’s on and you don’t go then you won’t get a refund, but if it’s cancelled then you usually would get the option to reschedule and not pay again. I have been checking regularly and it’s not called off, but I’m thinking it’s not sensible to go. Theatres do tend to be full of older ( and therefore more vulnerable ) people so I imagined that loads of those with tickets wouldn’t go… which means it’s far less likely to be a risky visit. Well if there’s no one there to cough on you, and you don’t go round touching everything, then it’s pretty safe.

Then I noticed in the world’s smallest print the words ‘ covid 19 advice ‘. I clicked on that and bingo – it gave me the option to reschedule my tickets. … EXCEPT the play runs only until April 11th…… at which point I’ve no doubt the pandemic measures will have shut the theatre anyway… meaning I can’t go and we may even get a refund.

With no income for loads of businesses it should be bloody landlords that declare rent holidays for their business tenants. I can’t see the point in landlords insisting on full rents at a time that businesses are getting no incomes. The businesses will go bust and the landlords left with tenants that can’t pay anything at all, full stop.

Everyone needs to be understanding at this time, not just some people, but when it comes to commercial landlords’ contracts, kindness and consideration aren’t words often used..

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