C’est la vie

I can tell you, there are a lot of people with my condition that are worried at the moment. With no sign of a vaccine and the lockdown ( inevitably ) being removed, those with compromised health are very vulnerable. Do they just stay in 24/7 ? They are at risk from visiting carers, as am I. Covid is so contagious it’s going to be unavoidable.

Me… I don’t care frankly ! 🤦‍♂️ Happy to catch it and see what it does to me. No way im going into hospital tho. I’m too specialist for a general COVID ward, and would just die through mismanagement. Happy to just go with the flow at home. Death, as regular readers know, holds no fear for me, and indeed would be a mixed blessing!

If I don’t get the chance, then thanks for the support I’ve received these last years.

Who’d have predicted this ?! I thought my biggest nasty surprise was behind me, but maybe not! 😂

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