BOHICA… Bend over, here it comes again..

Down by the river again. Three girls, all about 24, CLEARLY not seen each other for ages, meet for a picnic.
Hugs, kisses, food sharing .. no distancing.

Pandemic over, right? What’s the problem?!

ALL THREE ON FURLOUGH ( I overheard ). So their employers are taking the lockdown seriously, the Government is even paying them to be socially responsible (!) yet they have NO FING IDEA what their obligations to society are.

And THIS is the problem. ‘ Well I haven’t got it, so what’s wrong with me kissing my mates? They haven’t got it so they can’t give it to me !’

Only the Chinese have the structures in place to MAKE the population behave responsibly. Left to their own devices people are mind numbingly stupid.

The lockdown in Britain will prove to have been a complete waste of time. Sad, isn’t it ?

Hang on, a bloke of about 40 just arrived. Hugs and kisses all round again.
And now another guy, about 25 too. Same routine.

To be honest, I am actually really really shocked.

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