Big door ..

And I’ve had my bathroom adapted a bit.
Wheelchairs and small spaces – well you might be able to go into one… but you will almostcertainly have to come out backwards… and if you have a Triride attachment on, and then you want something last minute before you go out… and it’s in the bathroom.. then for me that’s a ten point turn, the use of a long grabber to try to get the thing I need.. and the chance that I can’t actually get it.
Yea I could detach the Triride.. get the thing. Go back to the Triride… reattach it, go… in about ten minutes.. but that’s assuming you have ten minutes..frustrating …

Now I have a doorway 2 feet wider.. and no actual door anymore.. you kind of have a reluctance to knocking down a wall in a new(
Ish ) flat .. but now it’s done it’s far better!
Still not easy but far easier than it was 3 days ago!

Thought of it/ contacted my amazing builder ( Vitaly ) and it was done – 5 days from thought to reality.


If you want a wee in private tho at my place… maybe don’t use my ensuite !

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