One thought on “At last, something that moves slower than myself.

  1. Sooooo…
    Re your comment on the number of people reading your blog …
    …you have forgotten to mention the likes of Alwyn and hundreds of other people that consistently comment, text or email you having read your updates, resulting in you checking your phone constantly 24/7 – as you feel the need to respond to every person that has taken time out to write to you!
    And then there are those who consistently read it and might miss a day or two here and there, so spend a fair bit of time catching up with your past posts.
    And then there must be hundreds of people out there who you don’t know read it but follow you as their friends lives have all been affected by you.
    And what about the 1200 plus people that turn up for boxing/strictly? Most of whom you’ve never seen before, but they know all about you, most probably having checked your blog.
    So, when you came home for 10 days and people kept asking you how thing were going, it may well have been because they missed a day/week/month of reading your blog, or – (and more than likely) they did know, but wanted to hear all your news directly from you.
    So you see Russ-boy, if you could actually see the hits you get on your blog, and take into account all the people that like to communicate with you in other ways other than on here…
    …then you would understand how loved and admired you are, with people all over the world rooting for you and your cause. Having total faith in you and your ability to get to a far better place and change things for yourself and hopefully others like you that have suffered injuries and have the mental and physical determination that you have.
    Sooooo that’s why you’re wrong! And the 5 people you mentioned who read your blog are probably more like 500-5000?!
    Love you lots hon xxx

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