Another close shave.

Flippin drama on the roads.. but again someone is looking after me. Not long after exiting the very busy A4, my Triride had a major mechanical failure and stopped dead, with its brakes on.
Well that’s me buggered then. Had it happened 5 minutes earlier, I’d probably have been crushed in a pile up.

I looked pleadingly at a few passers by, tried to book a wheelchair taxi ( unavailable ) and then a Spanish lady said she’d give me a push so far. Then a gentleman said he’d help for a bit.
Then I called JD and Marky Bee. Mr 🐝 was half an hour away and volunteered his assistance when All of a sudden my buddy Roy cycled by. Roy was one of the Toulon 12 to very nearly see my death.. and yesterday was able to help me ( with his lad Marcus ) into his car, whilst loading my chair and triride into the back.

Rescued and delivered to Brentford by Roy.. thank you so much buddy. And helped by several in total.
Angels do walk amongst us.

Now I’m swept back 5 years. Old wheelchair and first ever Triride on it. Seems ever so slow by comparison, but it works. Glad I didn’t sell it!

As it is I think the breakdown may have been a big one, requiring a new machine. That’s the plan. Buy a new one, get the old one fixed, and sell it. I’ve had it ages and this was always going to happen one day.
More expense of course, as usual.

Additional thanks to Toby for repair of my hoist, and to Sue for my birthday lunch, for Nina for our time together, and to her lovely little girl for the non stop messing around and laughing.
Having a child in my home is a lovely feeling. I lost my own as little girls and I won’t ever get that back.

I’ve been reading a book about the effects of divorce and parents on the children. It’s sobering. As my ex wife effectively deprived them of their dad ( me ) any harmful emotional effects are down to her choices. Perhaps in time she’ll come to see and regret that, but I doubt it somehow. She doesn’t do ‘ being wrong about anything’ ever.

Back to my Guardian Angels 👼 – thank you!

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