21 and a bit.

Hey thanks to Rob and B’linder for coming to stay, and making me drink wine.. pre my birthday ( that’s today ) , and to Rob for working out why my lights kept tripping off. The blinking expensive water fountain! Maybe not with that water resistant electric bits? Not great if you’re a fountain

Emotional day yesterday making ( changing ) my Will. Well we should all do it in the first place and then probably adjust it on occasion, you know add/ remove stuff and people to reflect significant changes. It’s not easy though, ‘ officially addressing stuff legally’ to do with inheritance.
When you are married and live in an orthodox family, it’s straightforward, even to die intestate isn’t exactly risky, but when unmarried with kids that refuse to talk to you for years , it’s not so obvious what to do with what may suddenly become ‘available’.
Anyway it’s done now.

Let’s face it I could get crushed on a road any day. I mean so could most people.. but it’s more likely in a speeding wheelchair without any real protection and from which I can’t just jump off.

I obviously need to get married again… and start over, and get another bite of the cherry.
Stranger things have happened.

Looking forward to to seeing my parents later!
Not seen them actually ON my birthday since I was 18 I think?
Weird, but almost certainly true.

Also saw my little brother, Stu yesterday. Surprise visit as he passed through Brentford! Looking fitter than he has for 20 years, I have to say. Very fine short hairy legs sticking out of his shorts too. Male grooming is alive and well in Wales ( just look for a leg hair in the Welsh rugby team ) but has clearly not arrived in Griffithstown, near Pontypool. A lama would be proud of those legs.
Anyway fantastic to see little Bro Stu

Things going well with Nina. Nice to wake on my birthday to her face ( albeit via WhatsApp Video ) That’s not to say it’s better than waking to Gina’s face … but you know what I mean.

My youngest got what she needed to go to Bristol Uni too, yesterday, I heard I hope she has a fun 3 years. I still find it very strange, even after all this time, not having any involvement other than financial. 🤷🤦‍♂️. With Lily there was some communication for a while and even occasionally gratitude for financial assistance but it wasn’t ‘ formal’ because my ex wife absolutely refuses to engage in any way at all, making co parenting an impossibility.
Post Court there’s a formal arrangement in place.
The plus is that she can’t spin any more that I don’t give to my kids. Derrrrr maybe speak to me about what I’m sending; it would undoubtedly save duplication for a start?! Stubbornness like bomb proof concrete tho, that one.

Anyway! Should be a good day regardless.
Rainy of course but that’s not exactly a drama.

3 thoughts on “21 and a bit.

  1. Hi Russell
    This is your Ozzie cousin Jill asking if you can please send me your parents email address as it has disappeared from my contact list.

    I hope in time your daughters resume contact with you.

  2. Trust me, getting married isn’t the answer! Don’t do it 😱 have you learnt nothing Mr Dawkins?? 😆
    If anything simply leave what you might have to a charity close to your heart, their appreciation will be immense and then at least you’ve left a legacy behind.
    Enjoy your birthday regardless of any raindrops 🥂

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