And the happy news is..

Yes, Wendy and I are reunited. Too much gone through, too much intertwined, and too much love to become ex’s.

We are both very happy about that! ❤️

And the 🦜🦜s are far safer with her around!

As if to mark her territory afresh, Wendy went out foraging for logs in the river. Yes, I know that’s not very West London… but she’s from Africa, where things are different. Half babe, half lumberjack, she returned with 2 large logs ( well, more small trees ) and built an insect friendly wood pile in my garden.
See… all the hottest chicks are eco warriors. Everyone knows that…

11 thoughts on “And the happy news is..

  1. Whew. It was going to be a long trip over seas to come kick your arse. Wet delighted for you both. The New Year is now Happy.

  2. I don’t think you’ve ever had so many replies?!
    So, let’s hope you recognise that people love ❤️Wendy (and you as a couple), and perhaps they hope that you recognise that it’s near impossible to find a more loving, caring girl… so, please hang on to Wendy R-B 🙏❤️Xxx

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